Polar White IPA

When embarking on any new collaboration we like to ensure any band or artist we work with have a handle on the background of beer and what goes into making it.
With Millencolin no such introduction or lesson was required, as quite simply, they live and breathe beer as much as we do!


Our collaboration POLAR - a 7% White IPA - was born out of an intensive tasting session at the brewery, and an extensive email chain in which no stone was unturned in pursuit of the perfect recipe.

With lead singer Nik at the helm on the brew day Polar was born. New Zealand hops Rakau and Wakatu provide a whole orchard aroma that’s followed by a citrus, pine and spicy flavour that is played off against the wheat heartbeat. French Saison yeast allows the aroma to shine yet maintain a complexity true to style.

Check out the video below! You can buy Polar from our online store here.

September 22, 2016 by Sam McGregor

Hospitality In The Park

Hospitality In The Park Finsbury Park 2016

We're very excited to announce our considerable attendance at Hospitality in the Park this weekend. 

Long time Signature Brew collaborators Hospital Records are taking their first steps in outdoor festivals, and they're doing so with a bang. The very best in Drum & Bass talent will be on offer and so will Signature Brew beers. Not only will Roadie be available on all of the bars we're also rolling out the Signature Beer Truck that will be showcasing nine SB beers.

Drinkers can expect the usual favourites plus three brand new, never seen before beers! (Look out for announcements this Friday) The whole SB Team will be out in force so if you're about head to the bar and have a beer with us!


We're super proud to have our name above a festival stage this year, at what is in our opinion, the best up and coming festival in the UK - ArcTanGent.
Its the first time we've got this involved with a festival, and its big deal for us, especially since we're on the Bixler stage - named after the legendary Mars Volta / At The Drive In frontman! 
 Signature will be pouring across bars at the festival, and we want to give you a chance to come and check it out, for the chance to win, simply answer the question in the blog post
June 30, 2015 by Sam McGregor

Pale Ale and Backstage IPA in store now

Store news today. We have added our Pale Ale and IPA to the online store. They are our best selling beers on Cask and Keg, so it only felt right we should set them free in 330ml bottles too. We have added a small number of the Pale Ale here and the IPA here if you want to get your hands on some.

Available in 4, 8 and 24 packs online and of course you can always go down to a Signature Brew stocked pub and try a pint of them.

Drink up, enjoy and let us know what you think on facebook or twitter


November 13, 2014 by David Riley

Rooftop Brewing at Netil House

Join us on the 5th of July as part of Twenty Something London's Rooftop Brewing Event at Netil360. Lots of great craft beers to drink on a rooftop in the sun...More details and buy tickets from Twenty Something London's website http://twentysomethinglondon.com/tsl-presents-rooftop-brewing-netil-360/

June 19, 2014 by David Riley

Signature Brew Events - Feb/March

We are going to be busy this month with a whole load of brewing as well as being out and about at the following events. If you can make it down to see us that would be very cool:

February 22nd

Sam, Tom and Dave will be running the bar for this great charity gig at the Pioneer Club in St Albans on Saturday night:

Enter Shikari Soundsystem, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Engine-Earz, Twosixones and Rob Lynch.

£10 tickets....https://www.facebook.com/events/1393716224220714/

February 27th

Our Monthly Night at Strongroom Bar on the 26th February, featuring the best live music and craft beer. 

This month sees 4 artists playing from 8pm: 

Boat To Row
Fantastic Fantastic
Rebecca Clements

In addition to special offers on Signature Brew beers on the bar, We'll be around all evening to talk beer, music and whatever else you fancy!



March 7th

Chesham Brewery Shop Tap Takeover:- Signature Brew take over the taps at the Chesham Brewery Shop. with talk/Q&A by the Signature team & one off offers on our bottles. A great night and not to be missed!



March 27th

Meet The Brewer with Signature Brew at the newly opened The Greyfriar in Reading. Tom Bott our Head Brewer will be there talking about our beer and answering questions about everything brewing.


Sssnakepit Beer: The Recipe

At Signature Brew we create all of our recipes from scratch. In order to create a great beer that fulfills all the requirements of the artist, in this case Enter Shikari, we need to decide what yeast, malt-combo, hop-combo, carbonation and ABV will produce the best result.

What was clear from the tasting session was that we needed to have a beer with an edge, fuse together a few opposing concepts whilst retaining an end drink that could comfortably be drank by all. Fruit beers, especially on the sharper end of the scale and Czech Pilsners were popular with the boys, so Tom our Head Brewer ran with that.

Sssnakepit uses two hops, Saaz hops (one of the Noble Hops) traditionally used in Czech Pilsners like Pilsner Urquell to give the traditional and aromatic lager base. To give Sssnakepit its distinctive edge though the brew is late hopped with Chinook hops, first cultivated in 1985 in the United States, this gives a strong aromatic grapefruit/citrus bite the nose and finish. By late hopping we keep more of the flavour in the smell of the beer.

Carbonation is pretty standard for a Pilsner, below what you would expect for a highstreet lager, after all, who wants their beer fizzing out of control whilst dancing along with the band? 

The malt is mostly Lager as you would expect but there is a hefty pinch of Wheat in there too, this helps to give good head (no sniggering at the back there!) retention.

We also pay special attention to keeping things as eco-friendly as possible. Water used in the cooling process is reused, with no wastage and recycling of heat where possible. All the spent grains are sent off to farms to be used as cattle feed, no animal products are used in the process anywhere and our bottles are made from recycled glassware.

That's pretty much all there is too it. The full recipe is securely locked in the vaults of warehouse (that's not true, it's on a piece of paper somewhere over Tom's side of the warehouse, floating around with coffee stains on it)

Anyway, If you have any questions about brewing the beer etc, then send Tom a friendly tweet @mrtombott


July 24, 2013 by Tom Bott

Signature Brew vs Strongroom Studios - Wednesday 26th June

The second installment of our monthly beer and music event in partnership with the infamous London recording studio Strongroom. Taking place on Wednesday 26th June we have three amazing live acts playing, loads of great beer on the bar and Wild card Brewery doing a 'Meet The Brewer'. Completely free entry and some lovely beers to try.


Facebook event is here:- https://www.facebook.com/events/647760661905377/

Tom, Sam and David would love to see you there, might even buy you a pint if you say hi!

June 24, 2013 by David Riley

Professor Green's Remedy - Barclaycard Show

Remedy smashing it at Professor Green Barclaycard Secret Gig!

Read more below!

March 25, 2013 by David Riley