Blog: Signature Brew's Favourite Moments of 2020

2020 has been a wild ride that has directly affected everyone in different ways. Here at the brewery, we're incredibly thankful of all those who we've managed to enjoy a beer with us this year - every bar, every venue, every musician and everyone who's come down to our venues when they've been open. 

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Cult Films & Craft Beer At The Brewery – Get Your Tickets To The Pop-Up Cinema

There's nothing quite like watching a great movie with a beer in your hand… so we're taking that to the next level by bringing the cinema into our Walthamstow brewery with our friends at the legendary Stow Film Lounge.

Starting from Thursday 27th February, we'll be showing cult and classic movies on a HUGE 16ft x 9ft cinema screen every other Thursday night – and serving up the freshest beers around, brewed in the very room you're watching the film in.

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Signature Brew X Rodney P
Crazy excited to be working on our next collaboration with the legend that is Rodney P, a true hip hop originator, founding member of London Posse, and without whom the scene today wouldn't be what it is! We've brought it together under the careful direction of Tru Thoughts, one of the most respected independent record labels in the UK, with a ridiculously eclectic roster of incredible artists! 

Rodney P Signature Brew

As with all our collabs the artists are heavily involved, this one is no different. Rodney P met the team at Signature Brew back in July, where ideas were explored, and recipe / concept was developed. He then returned in August for the brew day, where he got stuck into all aspects of brewing the beer.

The first half of the brewing method is as standard with a base Golden Ale hopped.....

 Signature Brew Live Up

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NEW CASK BEER - E.P. Extra Pale Ale
It’s been a whole week since we launched a new beer here at Signature Brew and things were getting a bit stale. So without further ado we’re delighted to announce E.P., a 3.5% Extra Pale, hopped with national favourite Citra....
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