Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans
Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans

Mega Mix Bundle - 24x Cans

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Our Mega Mix Bundle gives you 24 delicious cans! 

Enjoy a mix of super limited edition seasonals:

Crossfade - COLD IPA 440ml 

Compressor - SESSION NEIPA 440ml


& of course flagship faves Roadie, Studio & Backstage. 

(As well as a tidy saving...)

Individually, the contents of the bundle are worth £85, but the Mega Mix Bundle allows you to pick up the same beers for £75, saving 12% and making sure you can fill your fridge with some tasty, beery treats for less.

Vegan friendly

Pictures May Not Reflect The Box Contents! :) 

Roadie is a dependable and refreshing road-dog of a beer. Boasting a hard-earned reputation and fit for grafters and road crews the world over, this all-night IPA loads up notes of citrus fruits including grapefruit and lime. Unsung heroes of venues, bars and festivals: we salute you.
4.3% ABV / 330ml can

Our go-to lager has played its part in many a late-night session, both in the recording studio and at the bar. The highest quality European noble hops are amplified by the simple clarity of water, yeast and malt resulting in unmistakable floral hits and a pleasingly bitter finish. A touch of rye also gives the beer a pleasing body. All the hallmarks of an instant classic.
4% ABV / 330ml can

Backstage is as ambitious as it is noteworthy. The beer delivers on its Access All Areas promise as it unlocks a myriad of tropical flavours including passion fruit, tangerines and berries. Throw in an encore of pine and crisp citric notes and you’ve got yourself a party. Stack them high and drink them cold.
5.6% ABV / 330ml can

Crossfade is a super refreshing yet complex beer, that is perfect for those late nights. Its golden, hazy appearance is a feast for the eyes, and its aroma is filled with high notes of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.
Like the well-crafted set on the decks, this beer's perfectly balanced composition allows for each flavour to shine through while still creating a harmonious whole. The malt provides a bass foundation for the beer's flavour profile, adding depth and complexity without overpowering.So sit back, relax, get in the mix, and enjoy the crossfade of flavours in each sip.
5.4% / 440ml

This sessionable beer expertly compresses the full flavour and character of a New England IPA into a single, delicious brew. Its hazy, golden appearance hints at the explosion of flavour to come, as each sip delivers a delightful combination of tropical fruit notes and a subtle hint of cherries. Despite its complex flavour profile, this beer remains light and easy to drink, making it the perfect choice for any gig, festival, or time in the studio. What's the name all about then?
Just like beer, Compressors come in many different types and configurations, each with its own unique characteristics and sonic qualities. Experienced audio engineers and producers will often use multiple compressors in combination to achieve the desired effect. Just like the brewers have done here - with these banging hops!
4.4% ABV / 440ml can

This fruited sour beer oozes high fidelity black cherry and raspberry flavours, finished off with a crackle of sea salt and a hit of hibiscus.
4.6% ABV / 330ml can

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Don't take our word for it

Roadie IPA:
An exquisite sweet finish, which lingers on the palate for minutes, it was gorgeous!


The Cask Connoisseur

Passions | Passion Fruit NEPA:
Cracking hop combo to make this juicey NEPA perfect for summer



Backstage IPA:
Signature Brew have cracked their IPA game and this one's no exception