Signature Ales Festival This Weekend (14th - 16th March)

This weekend is the Signature Brew Ales Fest at The Lord Northbrook. We have Doctor's Orders on Keg and Black Vinyl Stout, Session, Believe and Remedy on cask, as well as this wicked lineup of bands:

Friday - The Road Runners
Saturday - The Indie Disco
Sunday - The Chaps 

Come meet Sam and Dave there on Saturday from 3pm - 5pm and try some free samples


Believe Beer On Tour

Believe Beer will be making an appearance at special pre and post-show parties on the Frank Turner Uk Tour. Check the poster below to see if it is coming to your town:

April 18, 2013 by David Riley

Craft Beer Rising


East London's newest beer festival Craft Beer Rising took place recently, with Signature Brew taking charge of booking some bands today and hosting a stall in the music room of the event. We enjoyed the day, hanging out with anyone and everyone who came past for a beer with us. 

Check out some of the reviews of our beer and the day just hit Read More! 

Believe by Frank Turner is out now!

Our fourth beer is out now for Pre-Order. We had an awesome time making this beer and it has taken a long time, so really happy to announce it is available to order now! 

Check out the video, and head to the page to buy some for yourself!

October 07, 2012 by Sam McGregor