Craft Beer Rising

East London's newest beer festival Craft Beer Rising took place recently, with Signature Brew taking charge of booking some bands today and hosting a stall in the music room of the event. We enjoyed the day, hanging out with anyone and everyone who came past for a beer with us.

Tom looking stout behind our bar!

Check out some of the reviews of our beer and the day here:

"I did manage to find three other brewers at Craft Beer Rising with London connections, including the chaps from Signature Brew who have a very interesting story. They make their living by travelling around the country’s breweries with their favourite bands and musicians, and work together to cook up unique batches at each stop – one of their current brews, Mammoth, was made with Stratford-based group Dry The River using the facilities at the London Fields Brewery, for example."

A beer festival can be a dis-orientating place, stall to stall vying for your attention. In a random process that can only be likened to blindly throwing a dart at a board, we landed on ‘Signature Brew’s’ stall that was placed within the corner of the big, blue room with the loud music. Based in Hackney, Signature have started to specialise in creating a set of beers that are personalised to a set of musicians and bands that aim to dispel the idea of only getting ‘shit beers at gigs.’ If the appeal of the brewery becomes big enough, then one can feasibly see them reaching their aim creating a set of instant classic beers with a stalwart range that covers a thoroughly palatable and well-hopped lager in ‘Enter Shikari,’ 5% a potent to a ballsy IPA packed full of citrus and berry fruitiness in ‘Dry The River,’ 7% that retains a meaty quality in its strong, yeasty after taste.

When I came across Signature Brew they were almost alone in the music room. I am sure later on, once the music started it must of got very busy in there. I was greeted by Steve from my local brewery Late Knights, who was helping out for the day. He first offered me Remedy, which is a pale ale sourced with locally produced malt and hops. My next beer was the appropriately named Mammoth. It does what it says on the label, filled with a mammoth amount of hops. Every mouthful is an extreme hoppy joyride for the tastebuds, leaving you wanting more.

The Most Interesting Concept Award goes to the fellas over at Signature Brew. They meet bands and taste beer with them to discover what – from the lead singer to the drummer – every member wants in a beer. Notes are taken and recipes devised before beers are unleashed, each named after the band that helped design them.
We went with Enter Shakiri’s SSSnakepit, described as “devilishly defiant!” – when I work out what that means, I’m sure I’ll agree. What’s more, if seeing Adam Jones on the TV hadn’t been enough to make me regret trimming my beard that morning, the sight of Signature Brew’s main man and one of his fans was enough to force my teary exit, brewing up and beery eyed.

As well as the beer, the musical inspired Signature Brew were providing DJs & live music in a third room, which became a great place to sit whilst not choosing a beer or chatting to the brewers. If you've not come across Signature Brew before they are a brewery that offer musicians the chance to brew their own beers, to date having worked with a number of artists including, Professor Green, Frank Turner and Enter Shikari. The guys then guide the artists through the whole brewing process from the the development of the beer with testing sessions, up to the final brew.
Signature Brews appearance gave me a chance to try Enter Shikari's Sssnakepit 5% an American hopped larger and catch up Sam McGregor one of the Signature Brew founders. I also tasted Frank Turners Believe 4. 8% and grabbed a bottle of Mammoth 7% double-IPA to take home, which I'm looking forward to trying

The music room comes next. Sadly there is no music on but we do find Signature Brew tucked away in the corner. Remedy by Professor Green isn’t as hoppy as I was hoping but Mammoth by Dry The River was juicy with boiled candy. I’m happy.