Craft Beer Rising


East London's newest beer festival Craft Beer Rising took place recently, with Signature Brew taking charge of booking some bands today and hosting a stall in the music room of the event. We enjoyed the day, hanging out with anyone and everyone who came past for a beer with us. 

Check out some of the reviews of our beer and the day just hit Read More! 

Mammoth by Dry The River - Out Now

It is finally out Today! Mammoth is a limited edition double-IPA, a 7% fiery gold explosion brewed in conjunction with the very well respected London Fields Brewery, ably assisted by members of Dry The River. This is no ordinary beer, it is designed to push the boundaries of what the burgeoning British craft beer industry can create, whilst challenging music fans to step out of their comfort zone. Available in 330ml bottles, 'Mammoth' is there to be experienced with friends and savoured like a vintage wine.

“With Mammoth we set out to make a challenging beer. The band wanted this to be a kick away from the mainstream beers and for us to create something that will stop you in your tracks on first taste. You can’t guzzle this beer, it has to be taken slowly in a thoughtful considered fashion, savouring every new taste and complexity that reveals itself upon the tongue. Signature Brew strive to make great beers, but with this endeavour we appear to have unleashed the Mammoth.”

The concept is high and the notes are bitter. Go on the journey with Dry The River here, from first recipe session to hand pouring in more of those delicious hops, in the earnest quest for 'Mammoth'.

Each bottle is hand stamped by the band and hand number by Signature Brew. This beer is extremely limited edition so get yours today before it becomes extinct. Order yours here:
November 01, 2012 by Sam McGregor