Strongroom's 20th Birthday

Strongroom's 20th Birthday
This week Strongroom Bar & Kitchen exits it's moody teenage years, comes of age and turns 20. 

Strongroom has been a cornerstone of the Shoreditch scene for as long as we can remember and has always been a beer led music hub which had a pretty key role in Signature Brews development! In 2011 Tom, Sam and Dave held their first meeting to discuss their shared animosity towards the state of beer in other music venues and decided there and then that they should start a brewery. Soon afterwards came the first order, aptly from Strongrooms, and fast forward 6 years you can still find SB beers on the bar.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and to show our gratitude for the support Strongroom have given us, we've created a special edition of Roadie. The base recipe is the same much loved Session-IPA but with the not so subtle edition of a whole load of Citrus fruits. As we say goodbye to summer we've encapsulated the fruits of the sun using Mandarin, Calamondin, Pink Grapefruit and Blood Orange.

Roadie Strongroom Edition

It's like Roadie, but really fucking fruity!