Beer & Music: Big Joanie / Bigfoot Festival 2021

Beer & Music: Big Joanie / Bigfoot Festival 2021

In case you hadn't heard, we're hosting our very own stage at Bigfoot Festival 2021 on June 18-20, and believe us when we say we couldn't be more excited. 

Ahead of taking our beers and some bands to Warwickshire, we caught up with some of the most exciting artists playing our line up to have a chat about all things beer and music.

This week, we're chatting to bassist & vocalist Estella Adeyeri from Big Joanie who gives us some tips on who to catch at Bigfoot, and an insight into some gluten free beer options.

Header photograph by Carolina Faruolo

If you were going to make a beer for your band, what kind of beer would it be and why? What would you call it?

Estella Adeyeri: "It'd be a pale ale as we all prefer a lighter beer, and it'd be gluten free so that I could actually drink it! We'd call it 'Sistah Punch'".

What’s the best local brewery/bar/beer from where you’re from?
Estella: "My local is a taproom run by Bohem Brewery so I've gotta go with them. Great Czech beer and vibes!"

How excited are you for gigs and festivals to come back?
Estella: "Extremely excited! It's been so strange to go from constantly being on the road together, to not playing and barely even seeing each other for over a year. We can't wait to get back on stage, and to go and see all our favourite bands. Also looking forward to just hanging out at shows and chatting to people who love music!"

Which other artists are you hoping to catch at Bigfoot festival and why?
Estella: "Breakup Haircut played one of our last ever shows before lockdown, and they were fantastic - would love to see them again after all this time. I've wanted to see Ithaca live for ages, while Molar and Pigs x7 have been favourites for a while. I know Bull from my early days of playing in bands so I can't wait to see them again. And obviously we all love Bobby Gillespie so we'll be watching that Primal Scream set for sure."

Do you normally have beer on your rider? If so, what kind of beers do the band enjoy?
Estella: "We usually have a mix of beers and spirits on our rider (though we are all sensible drinkers!!), I'm into the Magic Rock Fantasma gluten free IPA."

Bigfoot Festival is taking place from June 18th, featuring the likes of Primal Scream, Hot Chip, Maribou State, along with Big Joanie and more. Tickets are available to buy now, so we'll see you there.