New Beer! Solo : Ekuanot

New Beer! Solo : Ekuanot
Solo : Ekuanot
This week we're releasing the third instalment of the much fabled Solo:Series. Whether it's a genius piece of scheduling or pure dumb luck is up for debate, but days after the Autumn Equinox we've kegged and canned Solo:Ekuanot.
For the brew team this is where the Solo beers get very exciting. We knew the previous incarnations of Solo:Mosaic and Solo:Simcoe would be bangers with familiar flavours from those famous hops, but with a lesser known hop such as Ekuanot the results remained a mystery until the beer was finished. 
The results in question are a myriad of tropical fruit, with hints of melon, berry, orange peel, lime and papaya. Unlike the previous Solo beers there's a lingering bitterness that's great for fans of bitter beers like myself but may not be to everyone's taste. That may seem an odd sentence to include in tasting notes for a new beer but that's the beauty of the Solo:Series, we can showcase a single ingredient that will be nectar for some and poison for others. 
Grab Solo:Ekuanot online at or at your favourite Signature Brew stockist.
Cheers, Tom