NEW BEER! Solo : Mosaic

NEW BEER! Solo : Mosaic

Signature Brew Solo:Mosaic

This week we’re excitably launching the Solo Series, a collection of beautiful beers thrusting a particular ingredient under the spotlight. Whether it be the guitarists time to shine or the egotist “going solo” these beers will be individualist and make stars out of the ingredients we champion.

 For the first in the series we might be getting on the single-hop band wagon about fours years late but we brew what we like, and in summer, a super light, super fresh single hopped beer is beyond compare. As we explore the great elements that make up beer future additions might be a little more esoteric...

For our first instalment in this series we’re showcasing one of our all-time favourite hops, Mosaic. Coming in at 5% we only used Extra Pale malt with some oats to ensure straw-like lightness which will highlight the delightful fruity, floral, piney and blueberry notes of this wonderful American hop.

Grab Solo : Mosaic in bars throughout June and July before the next exciting ingredient takes the stage.