Introducing Signature Brew's New Brewery And Exciting New Rebrand

Following our over-funded crowdfunding campaign and prestigious SIBA Brewery Business Of The Year win in 2018, we're pleased to announce our new brewery in Walthamstow, East London, while also unveiling an exciting rebrand to coincide with the brewery’s launch. Drumroll, please…

Signature Brew Core Beers Roadie Studio Lager Backstage IPA Nightliner Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road


Our successful crowdfund has enabled us to build the UK’s most state-of-the-art brewery for its size, immediately quadrupling capacity to an initial annual output of 20kHL (4 million pints) – a significant step up from our previous 5kHL brewery. 

This Sunday (17th November) will see us launch our new home near East London’s Blackhorse Road station with a party featuring live music, street food, brewery tours and more. Tickets for this weekend’s event are available here and include a complimentary beer.

Following the launch party, the site’s onsite taproom The Brewer’s Bar will be open to the public on Friday evenings from 5PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 12PM, allowing drinkers to enjoy award-winning beers among the sights, sounds and hoppy smells of the brewery every weekend.


Carefully timed to coincide with the launch of our new brewery, the rebrand draws on the art, energy and passion of live music. Each can riffs on a blend of genres from punk rock, to jazz, to the psychedelic and comes with expanded gig poster artwork.
The cans are now as vibrant, characterful and exciting as the beer contained within them and the range of art styles mirrors the brewery’s love of all genres, the creativity of our brewers and the diversity of the musicians we work with. Just like genres of music, each piece of art plays by its own set of rules, embodying the spirit of the music itself.


Roadie's design boasts rugged punk-rock stylings and a hardwearing feel that fits the name and nature of the beer itself. Its collaged and photocopied visual stylings salute the unsung heroes of tours, venues, festivals and bars the world over.

Signature Brew Core Beers Roadie All-Night Session IPA Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road


It’s not Studio Pilsner anymore. It’s Studio Lager and its crisp, clean design reflects the taste of the beer itself. The diagram-style illustrations are based on how the grooves in a vinyl record work with a record players stylus to produce music, while ‘Analogue Always’ is a reference to both our craft approach and physical records themselves.

Signature Brew Core Beers Studio Lager Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road


This design is styled on classic gig posters and vintage music magazines, however elements of it are hidden, warped and obscured behind colourful elements – representing the mysterious nature of backstage and the colourful, enigmatic activity that goes on there.

Signature Brew Core Beers Backstage IPA Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road


Nightliner tour busses are surreal places where your sense of time and place becomes blurred. The coffee porter's artwork represents the journey into the depths of the night and the strung-out weirdness that ensues on tour.

Signature Brew Core Beers Nightliner Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road

Signature Brew Core Beers Roadie Studio Lager Backstage IPA Nightliner Walthamstow Beer Mile E17 Blackhorse Road London

Signature Brew Shure SM58 Microphone Tap Handle Beer

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