Beer & Music: Can't Swim / Handmade Festival 2019

Beer & Music: Can't Swim / Handmade Festival 2019

Ahead of Signature Brew bringing the beers to Handmade Festival 2019, we caught up with some of the most exciting bands on the lineup to have a quick chat about beer and music.

This time it's the turn of New Jersey punk rockers, Can't Swim, who's guitarist Danny Rico walked us through who they're looking forward to catching at the festival and life's greatest tragedy…


Hi Danny, If you were going to make a beer for your band, what kind of beer would it be and why?

Danny Rico, guitar: "I'm pretty sure we'd just copy the Coors Banquet recipe… because we're classy."


What's the best local beer/brewery from where you're from?

Danny: "We're from New Jersey, so I'd have to say Asbury Park Brewery in NJ."


Who are your tips for other bands to catch at Handmade Festival and why? 

Danny: "I've been dying to see MONO for years. It's gonna be epic. Watching Ibibio Sound Machine will be like watching the coolest jam session ever."


What's the worst beer-related mishap you've had as a band?

Danny: "In total I've probably spilled 10 gallons of beer on stage. It's one of life's greatest tragedies."


Handmade Festival takes place in Leicester on Sunday 5th May and features the likes of Metronomy, The Futureheads and more. Get tickets here.

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