ANOTHER NEW BEER? Doctors Orders is here!

That's Right. Another new beer in May. Right from the outset of Signature Brew we identified dance music as a black hole for quality beer, and naturally, we wanted to do something about it. Hospital has a rich musical heritage, as well as a huge catalogue of amazing tunes, some of which are very close to our hearts, so they were the perfect and obvious choice for us. After a few beers, we found the Hospital team and roster contained some serious beer knowledge, so coming together to work on the recipe was a great experience, and I know we've nailed it with Doctors Orders!

Saaz hops were used to give a fantastic Czech Pilsner character which works perfectly in harmony with the Munich and Vienna malts to create a refreshing malt forward lager. Fine carbonation combined with a delicately balanced and sweet finish means this is a refreshing and satiating beer to be enjoyed at any time of the night.

Must Be Served at 174bpm. 

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