NEW COLLAB - Wild Winter with Smoke Fairies

NEW COLLAB - Wild Winter with Smoke Fairies

Following an extensive tasting and research session between Tom and the Smoke Fairies, led to the creation of this unique recipe. 

Wild Winter is inspired by the dark themes from the eponymous Smoke Fairies album, a full bodied winter ale, with hints of Nectarine Peel, Clove and a touch of coriander, all with a warming finish. The beer is brewed with honey, molasses, and golden syrup in the mash, then a collection of toasted spices including Vanilla, Clove, Cardamom, Nutmeg and Cinnamon were thrown in to the boil to give a truly festive aroma. Wild Winter takes you to an open fire on a clear moonlit night, and is the perfect accompaniment to the record of the same name. Have a listen below. 

The beer will be on general release in keg and cask on Monday 23rd November. It will also be available in our taproom on the 28th as well as being served at the London Brewers Market on the same day!

There is an official launch party on Thursday 17th December at the Lexington, where the band will be performing live. And Tom and I will also be drinking beer, live. This gig is part of what I'm dubbing, the Wild Winter Mini-Tour, which includes Portsmouth New Theatre Royal, and Manchester Soup Kitchen.

Working with the Smoke Fairies was a great experience, and I have no doubt that the end result of our collaboration will not disappoint. Having an album with such strong theme to use a starting point allowed the recipe to take shape very quickly. Super excited for everyone to enjoy this beer around the festive period.


"Working with Signature Brew to create a Smoke Fairies beer was a dream come true. Drinking ale has long been one of our passions. Like our new record, this ale evokes a crisp winter evening, with wood fire smoke drifting over the pines and icy fields. We hope these timeless flavours will bring some warmth to you this wintertime."