London Craft Beer Festival

Super stoked to be invited to the second ever London Craft Beer Festival. Probably the best music line up at a beer festival in history. Man Like Me & Gentlemans Dub Club. But even they couldn't over shadow the beer line up! Check out the view! 
It was all set to be fun weekend, when disaster struck - directly on to Toms foot in the form of hot caustic, great for cleaning cask - bad for skin. He would be fine but this left me (Sam) running the bar solo at the 4 day event, even our hero of an accountant came down and got stuck in. Made time for a beer. 
Was awesome to hang out and chat beer, as well as trying other great beers from our local neighbours! 
Thanks to Greg, Dan and Simone from LCBF, huge respect to those guys - and hopefully see you next year!