Cask To Life in Budapest

We've teamed up with the original craft beer bar in Budapest Élesztő, and one of the rising stars of the Hungarian brewing scene - Hübris to create, wait for it, the first ever cask ale to be served in the country.   

Without getting too deep in to the history, cask ale has never been produced and served in Hungary, and as the craft beer revolution continues to roll east, the fledgling brewers looked to create something that we take so readily for granted here, cask ale. 

It launches on Friday the 8th of April, and our Tom will be there to discuss the finer points of cask ale, with his limited grasp of Hungarian, and a pint in his hand. 

The beer is called III, and is a 4% single hop golden ale, using UK grown hop Minstrel. 

April 06, 2016 by Sam McGregor
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