Stockholm Beer (and Whisky) Festival

This year we were lucky enough to be invited to pour our beers at the Stockholm Beer and Whisky festival. We took Candela Gold, Black Vinyl Stout, and since its already making a name for itself in Sweden - the beast that is Black Tongue, our Mastodon collab. Great reactions to the beer, and good times hanging out with some of our London Brewery neighbours - cheers to the guys from Fourpure, By The Horns, Redemption and London Fields for manning our taps whilst I ran round trying beers! 
September 26, 2014 by Sam McGregor

Black Tongue now available in Sweden

Black Tongue, our collaboration brew with Mastodon is now available in Sweden.

The delicious yet challenging 8.3% Double Black IPA can be purchased as of today from Systembolaget. We are really excited about this now being available and hope that even more people will now get to try the complex combination of Marris otter and Carafe Special 3 Malts with Magnum and Citra Hops.

Send your photos of it being drunk in Sweden to us on twitter @signaturebrew



May 09, 2014 by David Riley