We are proudly partnering with the excellent London Drinker Beer & Cider festival based in Kings Cross, now in its 33rd year. As a result we’ve created the official beer of the festival - COCONUT DISCO - a 4.8% Coconut and Lime Golden Ale.

Signature Brew New Beer Coconut DiscoSignature Brew New Beer Coconut Disco

This beer was born out of our love of contemporary cask beer and the celebration of brewing in the capital that is the London Drinker festival, showcasing the very best beer on cask and keg from London. Brewed with a little help from London Drinker competition winners Robert & Bethany, Coconut Disco is infused with Toasted Coconut and Lime for a lush equatorial sensation, whilst using NZ hop Motueka to offer a Mojito like character. 

The festival takes place from Wednesday 8th March to Friday 10th March and you can get your tickets here, or you can get a season ticket for all 3 days here.
See you there!