Does Music Make Beer Taste Better? YES!

Does Music Make Beer Taste Better? YES!

Signature Brew Music Makes Beer Taste Better

As a music-inspired brewery we've always championed the notion of music and beer going hand-in-hand, with one improving the experience of the other. But now we have concrete, scientific proof that the theory Signature Brew was founded on is correct in the form of a study by Vrije Universiteit Brussel, The Brussels Beer Project and KU Leuven.

The experiment saw 231 beer fans divided into three groups: a group with an unmarked beer who had no music, a group with a band-labelled beer but no music and a third group with a band-labelled beer which matched the music that was playing.

They were then asked to rate how good they thought the beer was going to be and then rate it again once they had tried it under the controlled circumstances of their group. The results were striking. Those in the group that had a beer which matched the music enjoyed the beer more than the group who simply had the labelled bottle and no music.

Dr Felipe Reinoso Carvalho who headed up the study published in Frontiers In Psychology explains, “It seems that the added pleasure that the song brought into the experience was transferred into the beer's flavour.”

"We want to keep assessing how sounds can modulate perceived flavour attributes of food and beverages,” he continues. "We also want to understand how sounds can influence our decision making process, in order to see if different sounds could, for example, lead people towards healthier food choices.

"We will also be able to work with other food and beverage types and progressively include other senses in this pairing process, such as vision, smells, touch."

So there you have it. Music really does make beer taste better. But we all already knew that, right?