Beer & Music: Bob Vylan / Bigfoot Festival 2021

Beer & Music: Bob Vylan / Bigfoot Festival 2021

We're hosting our very own stage at Bigfoot Festival 2021 on June 18-20, and by this point we're practically counting down the days. 

Ahead of taking our beers and some bands to Warwickshire, we caught up with some of the most exciting artists playing our line up to have a chat about all things beer and music.

This week we have a chat with 1/2 of the punk two-piece Bob Vylan, Bobby, who will be playing our stage at the weekend.

Header photography by Derek Bremner.

If you were going to make a beer for your band, what kind of beer would it be and why? What would you call it?

Bobby: "It would be a non alcoholic beer for sure but would taste just like the real thing and we'd call it Bob's Brew. That's something we have to work out actually, Signature Brew x Bob Vylan - Bob's Brew. Let's get it!"

How excited are you for gigs and festivals to come back?
Bobby: "We can't wait for shows to return. It feels like it's been forever but we're almost there, it's the last stretch now!"

With other artists are you hoping to catch at Bigfoot festival and why?
Bobby: "Dinosaur Pile-Up! Those guys had a killer album out 2019 and I've been waiting years to see them live."

Do you normally have beer on your rider? If so, what kind of beers do the band enjoy?
Bobby: "Sometimes we'll have some non-alcoholic beer on the rider, Becks Blue or Heineken 0. Not too many before the show though otherwise the bubbles start working their way back up! We need plenty of water before, during and after the show."

N.B We'll have to get them sorted with some Lo-Fi, our alcohol-free pale ale...

Bigfoot Festival is taking place from June 18th, featuring the likes of Primal Scream, Hot Chip, Maribou State, along with Bob Vylan and more. Tickets are available to buy now, so we'll see you there.