Beer and Music: Other Half / Bigfoot Festival 2021

Beer and Music: Other Half / Bigfoot Festival 2021

In case you hadn't heard, we're hosting our very own stage at Bigfoot Festival 2021 on June 18-20, and believe us when we say we couldn't be more excited. 

Ahead of taking our beers and some bands to Warwickshire, we caught up with some of the most exciting artists playing our line up to have a chat about all things beer and music.

As we edge closer to the big weekend, we have a chinwag with our friends Sophie, Cal & Alfie from Other Half - a post-hardcore trio from Norwich who we're bringing along to play our stage at Bigfoot. 

Header photo by Matt Wilkinson. 

If you were going to make a beer for your band, what kind of beer would it be and why? What would you call it?

Other Half: "Much to our despair, Other Half has already been taken so I think we’ll name it after our song 'Cosmic Slop' instead. It would be as thick as humanly possible and a cool 30% ABV, ticking both the cosmic and slop boxes."

What’s the best local brewery/bar/beer from where you’re from?
O.H: "Cal’s first word was genuinely Adnams, so will probably have to plump with a lovely pint of Ghostship at Norwich’s best pub, The Duke of Wellington."

How excited are you for gigs and festivals to come back?
O.H: "Unbelievably excited! it’s been a weird thing to release a debut album without being able to actually play any of it to anyone, so from a purely selfish point of view, we can’t wait."

Which other artists are you hoping to catch at Bigfoot festival and why?
O.H: "After the months and months of sanitised activity, I’m most looking forward to a big slice of debasement and degradation from Fat White Family, but really there is an awful lot to look forward to. Big Joanie, Pigsx7, John, Warmduscher, A Certain Ratio, Erol Alkan and it’ll be nice to finally catch our label mates Bob Vylan and Out Of Love."

Do you normally have beer on your rider? If so, what kind of beers do the band enjoy?
O.H: "What’s a rider? If we are ever lucky enough to get a rider it’s usually a like or lump it affair but if we’re choosing can we have some of your nice beers please? Oh and some cans of pop and crisps for Alfie, ta."

Bigfoot Festival is taking place from June 18th, featuring the likes of Primal Scream, Hot Chip, Maribou State, along with Other Half and more. Tickets are available to buy now, so we'll see you there.