AIM Independent Music Awards

AIM Independent Music Awards

Last week we were proud to attend and have beer at the AIM Independent Music Awards 2016. Somehow we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this great night for 4 years now and last Tuesday was one of the best yet!

 Signature Brew at The AIM Independent Music Awards

The AIM Awards are a celebration of the very best in the independent music industry, a part of the music world close to our hearts. Not just because of the incredible music being produced by independent artists and labels but the correlations that can be made between the independent music industry and our independent brewing world. In both industries we strive for originality and quality above anything else and enjoy the fruits of our labour readily.

The incredible diversity awarded is a feature of the awards, exemplified this year with Slade, Adele and Stormzy picking up awards for their work. Our highlight of 2016 was without a doubt watching Damon Albarn’s Studio Vienna fuelled speech honouring the prolific producer Richard Russell.

 Signature Brew at the AIM Independent Music Awards

We very much look forward to supporting AIM and their awards for years to come. It’s just left for us to say a huge thank you to all the staff and organisers at AIM especially our chief beer liaison Lara. And finally a huge congratulations and thank you to Alison Wenham for her time as CEO of AIM, good luck to her in pastures new.