Signature Brew Loves Listening To.... Lonely The Brave

The three of us all have a favourite beer, that 'go to' beer that you would choose above all others. The criteria varies, whether it's the perfectly balanced flavour, a huge strong note or the ability to envoke a reaction in us that can't be replicated by any other brew.

You know it's going to be your favourite beer as soon as you've finished your first pint of it. Knowing that your pallate will never be the same again and with time you'll taste more and experience it in greater depth than you expected there could be...

Well, that can happen with music too, and it happened the first time we listened to Lonely The Brave.

Sam and me have worked in the music industry since we were 21 and have been to hundreds and hundreds of gigs, listened to countless albums and tracks. The first time we heard Lonely The Brave tracks in 2011, we knew straight away that this was destined to be something very special. The hairs stood up on the backs of our necks and with every further listen the intense craftmanship and emotion in every line and chord seeped into our heads never to leave.

Rock music recently has the tendency to put style over substance or over-reach in 'emotional depth' to the point of farce. Lonely The Brave manage to achieve the sort of understated yet powerful lyrical and musical presence that feels like you're watching the world in black and white.

Soaring vocals, carefully used but powerful guitars and drumming reminiscent of early Foo Fighters. We promises this will be your new favourite band: