BULLHORN. Rum Soaked IPA. A collab with HECK.

BULLHORN. Rum Soaked IPA. A collab with HECK.
Today allow me to present, our latest, and last collaboration of 2015, BULLHORN. It is a seasonal IPA with power at it's heart. French and US oak, soaked in traditional Royal Navy Rum is added to tank to create huge depth and offerings of dried fruit, candy and mild sweetness. High alpha New World hops join the party bringing hints of citrus and pine. 

When we starting working with Heck (formally known as Baby Godzilla) we already knew the beer would be one thing, BIG. The boys didn't disappoint, through genuine beer knowledge and an alternative approach to pretty much everything, Bullhorn was born. Matching the intensity of a Heck gig is no mean feat, but we hope Bullhorn will hit drinkers with the same magnitude as those first, bone shaking chords.

The artwork was commissioned especially for the beer, and was realised by Greek Illustrator, Kostis K. / inkanddestroy.com. We'll see more of that in the coming months. 


The beer launched on Saturday with a ridiculous gig at a warehouse, where Bullhorn was flowing alongside Roadie, Studio and Black Vinyl. After a quick visit to our Backstage Bar at the brewery, the band got a round in for the entire crowd, which was terribly nice of them. 

Photo by Keira Cullinane

People can order kegs from us directly in London, and nationally from Eebria Trade! Bottles will be available next year.