2012 Round Up

What a Year! 

All of us here at Signature Brew have been working our socks off to bring you amazing beers, from some of the best artists in the world.

The Rifles, Craig Finn, Professor Green, Dry The River, Frank Turner and now Enter Shikari have all worked hard with us to create these amazing brews.
If you've missed out on any of our new beers, or bands then check out the videos at www.youtube.com/signaturebrew and our website www.signaturebrew.co.uk

Get ready for more great beer, and great music in the 2013! 
Professor Green's Remedy

Remedy Parties

We supported some great 'Remedy Launch nights' in the North in the autumn. Here's Professor Green signing a grateful fans Remedy before jumping on the mic and smashing out a few tunes. Many lols and Remedy's had by all involved and a massive thank you to those who came down.
Dave and his casks

Beer Festivals

We managed to get our beer on a few beer festivals this year, something we're very proud of as fledgling brewers! Tom and Sam do most of the heavy lifting but here is a rare picture of Dave carrying some empty casks.
Some Great Photos Here That You're Missing!


In January we sat down with a few bottles of The General by The Rifles to discuss the plan for the year ahead. After quite a few thought provoking brews we set ourselves the ambitious target of launching 6 beers in 2012.

With the incredible support from all of our team in December we achieved this with the launch of Sssnakepit. We definitely couldn't have done it without them and more importantly we couldn't have done it without you. 
" Signature Brew believe in Great Beer, and Great Music. "

Believe Abroad

In a highly secretive covert operation, we snuck some newly released Believe into America for Frank. From his mug shot here we think it was worth it. Don't tell the feds.  

Great Beer In Music Venues

This year, we managed to get some of our beers stocked in some major sized music venues, in a world full of awful swill pedelling corporations, we're massively proud of this fact but we've only just started!  

Ask your local venue for Signature Brew! 
Al Murray

All Hail To The Ale

In October we teamed up with the great guys at Q magazine to make a tasty pale ale for their annual awards ceremony. The great and the good of the music industry sunk them at break neck speed, including Signature Brew favourite Al Murray!