Signature Brew & Mogwai - Mogwai Beer Satan

Signature Brew & Mogwai - Mogwai Beer Satan

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Taken at face value, Mogwai Beer Satan is a limited-edition 5.2% ABV New England pale ale brewed in collaboration with Mogwai and East London brewery, Signature Brew. 

Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you'll uncover the brewery's first concept beer, built around the properties of Mogwai's seminal track Mogwai Fear Satan.

At a towering 16 minutes long the track sounds vast and complex, but strip it away and you'll find just two chords at its heart. To mirror this, the beer employs simple ingredients which blend to make a flavour bigger than the sum of their parts… with a fittingly long finish.

This tropical, hazy IPA is low in bitterness and carries huge, hoppy flavours and aromas of mango, pineapple and white grape. In addition, a small amount of chillies added late in the brewing process brings a subtle heat that gently builds as the song crescendos.

We invite you to try the beer with its musical counterpart to enjoy the full cross-sensory, audio and taste experience.

To launch the beer we're inviting you to join Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite at the Signature Brew Taproom & Venue for an evening of beer and music as we launch Mogwai Beer Satan. Get tickets here