• Dark Heart

    Ed Harcourt

  • Dark Heart, our Brown Ale collaboration beer with Ed Harcourt throws a big 6.8% punch of brooding, smoky, oaken flavours - not a beer for the faint of heart.


    Brewed in an initial limited edition run of just 1,000 bottles with Ed on hand to lend his assistance, drinking wisdom and finely-honed palette.
    Ed Harcourt's critically-celebrated songwriting demanded that we made a beer that doesn't quickly disappear from the tongue. Four malts are used to give the intensive backbone, letting the transatlantic hops glide over the top adding high notes and finish. This is not a normal beer, this beer is an intentionally slow drink. it is brought to life from a Dark Heart with love, care and intention.
    Ed on the beer:
    "Beer has always been there for me. Like an errant lover it has run out on me countless times yet it still keeps coming back. It's pull is it's punch you see. Whether it's that Bombardier on the rug by the fire that I just made myself with my own manly hands or the Michelada in my local mexican restaurant that weakens the hellish grasp of the night before, it's an old friend that can be used as a crutch or indeed the oil within the social machine. I've been very honoured to design my own beer and I can't wait for you to all try this deep, dark ale that was forged in the caves of south London. All Hail Dark Heart!""

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