About Us

Beer and music.

What do you do when you can’t stand paying a fortune for another horrible, warm, weak, insipid lager at a gig? Well, David Riley and I (Sam), working as music marketeers wanted to bring about a change, and our solution was teaming up with an experienced brewer, Tom Bott, to create Signature Brew. We quit our day jobs, and now our young company makes amazing craft beers in collaboration with bands and musicians, giving them the opportunity to brew a beer that they and the fans would love to drink. 

So how do we go about getting your favourite band to brew a beer with us?

Well, apparently it’s not that difficult to get musicians to agree to trying nearly 30-odd beers with you over a 5 hour session. Who knew? It's always super fun, but never fails to surprise as we uncover unknown palate preferences. 

This process is key though, getting to the bottom (of every bottle) of what they like in a beer, pushing the boundaries of their drinking experience and formulating the greatest beer they could imagine. Tom then converts his sprawling notes into a tasty recipe and then we head down to one of our favourite independent breweries to brew the beer with the bands.

The hardest fight is then upon our gallant trio. Drafting in a crack squad of Marcus Plowright (Video Director) and John Longbottom (Art Director), we make sure that fans can see the process and the label is better than any other beer out there.

How do we then get people to drink it?

Well, we sell it to pubs, bars and off licenses, getting the beer into the eager hands of beer aficionados and the Thursday night at the local types. Fans always get the first chance though, ordering directly from us from our store, and having the first sip with friends or alone with headphones blaring.

When our bands are on the road though, we make extra special plans to make sure the live music is augmented by the best beer. Venues take our beer to sell at the gig itself and if the big multi-national beer giants have made that impossible, we find the coolest bars nearby for pre and post-gig drinking.

The fight has only just begun. 
Where ever there is music, do not settle for second rate beer. 
We will have better beer, join us!