Our two greatest passions are music and beer. Signature Brew brings them both together. Music provides the drive for making beers that are challenging, engaging and refreshing.

First and foremost we want to make beers, inspired by music, that we are proud of and love drinking. That is the beginning and end, of why we run Signature Brew, but let’s fill you in on the inbetween...

Signature Brew began life as a three man (Dave, Tom & Sam) crusade against the monotonous nature of the beer at all the gigs we had played, and been to, over the years. When the music on stage was a labour of love and art, we didn’t want to enjoy it with passionless, uninspiring and insipid lagers.

In 2011 we began trying to change this. We spoke to a few bands we knew to see if they’d be interested in brewing with us (they were), and so we set about taking our home brewing to a commercial level

We brewed just 1,000 bottles with two artists to begin with, The Rifles and Craig Finn, spending all the money we had on malt and hops. A do or die attitude reasoned, that we would either be able to sell it all and make the money back, or stack our bedrooms with the stock and slowly drink it. It turned out we didn't need to worry as they went quicker than we could have imagined.

Then in strange turn of fate, we found ourselves sitting down with Professor Green to make a beer with him... an opportunity we couldn't turn down. To meet the demand for the beer, Tom went back to Titanic where he was trained to brew, and the resultant 'Remedy' took Signature Brew into a fulltime endeavour for the three of us. 


All throughout 2012 we worked night and day to get the beers into venues and music pubs. Reaching out to more artists we loved like Frank Turner, Dry The River and Enter Shikari to join in and work with us on their own creations. Introducing and converting thousands of music fans to proper craft beer along the way, whether at small acoustic shows or taking over the bar at some of the UKs leading music venues. At turns either brewing small batch experimental beers on our nano brewery setup in Hackney or on the much bigger kits we could gypsy brew at around the UK.

By the end of 2013 we had ten collaboration beers under our belts, cask, keg and bottles across London, a new bigger HQ, shipments of beer across Europe, and exports to America. The next step was obvious, getting out from behind the proverbial mixing desk, and on to the stage for ourselves, we began to brew our own Signature beers.... 

The new ‘Signature Brew : Originals’ range launched in 2014, crossing musical and beer boundaries. Taking creative control for ourselves and using our experience from the last 3 years to make beers that everyone will enjoy and appreciate.


Artist collaborations are still at the heart of our brewing, and we will continue to work with the most innovative artists, in order to brew some unconventional and inspiring beers.

After a successful crowdfunding round, 2015 sees the construction of our new brewery. More beers and excitement lie ahead!