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Collaborator Frank Turner

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Believe our Frank Turner collaboration brew is a modern twist on the traditional wheat beer encompassing citrus and orange flavours to create a refreshing brew. Designed to accompany long afternoons, this clear 4.8% Wheat Beer has a crispness that will refresh and subtleties to engage the palate
The burgeoning wheat beer range on the continent proved to be of most interest to Frank who has travelled the world many times on tour, particularly their crisp taste and easy drinking style. We took this concept and added a modern twist to it, filtering and adding in a larger percentage of pale malts to create a thoroughly new style of wheat beer.

Frank Turner has been one of our favourite artists from as far back as his KneeJerk and Million Dead days, so we jumped at the chance to be able to make a beer with him. Frank’s keen intellect and surety of opinion has borne through in this multifarious blend of the new and old in what is our first Wheat Beer. It took a long time for us to come to the final recipe; making sure that the final brew was perfect. 

Frank Turner on the beer and his experience:
“Being asked to design a beer was a new one for me - I don't know masses about beer, other than that I like drinking it a whole lot. In the end I learned a lot, had a fun evening getting hammered, and ended up with a beer with my name on the label, which is pretty much the pinnacle of any road-dog's ambitions.


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