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Nocturne - Black IPA

Product image 1Nocturne - Black IPA
Product image 2Nocturne - Black IPA
Product image 3Nocturne - Black IPA
Product image 4Nocturne - Black IPA
Product image 5Nocturne - Black IPA

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Nocturne - Black IPA 

This blackened beer was brewed to summon the traits of Yakima Chief Hop’s new strain, Talus. Gnarled notes of grapefruit & violet meld with blasts of tropical fruit & the embers of a roasted malt character.

ABV: 6.66%
HOPS: Talus & Citra
OG: 1.064
IBU: 60

Liner Notes:

The beer's name Nocturne, means a piece of music inspired by the night – a moniker perfect for an IPA this black. And this got us thinking about blackened music…
Yakima Chief's new hop Talus also sounded very black metal, so when developing the can's distinctive artwork we took inspiration from some of our favourite black metal bands. 

And then the beer arrived… clocking in at a very fitting but slightly terrifying 6.66% ABV. It genuinely wasn't intentional, but we took it as a sign and rolled with it.

If you look closely, the custom Nocturne black metal logo has the Yakima Chief hop logo sprouting from it. What you can't see in the photos is there's also a huge 6.66 spot laminated across the artwork. Look, it just felt right ok. 

Of course, in true collaborative fashion, we also got our friends from Yakima Chief to head to the brewery and help us brew it, alongside our head brewer Tom Unwin. We can't wait for you to try the beer.

Watch the Nocturne Announce Video:

All Our Beers Are Best Enjoyed With Music, So Here's The Curated Nocturne Playlist:

This beer is vegan friendly.
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