World Cup at Signature Brew

Yes, it’s coming home…to Signature Brew.

You can book your space now!

After the huge success of the 2021 Euros and the 2022 Lionessses here at Signature Brew bars, we’re back, screening every 2022 World Cup game across our three bars.

The home of Signature Brew, the brewery off Blackhorse Lane E17, becomes the home of the World Cup as we screen every game on our huge outdoor screen plus DJs keeping the party going after every England game.

Book a Space at The Brewery

Our yard will be covered and heated for the first Winter tournament as we serve a huge lineup of 14x Signature Brew beers. Food comes from chef Paul Human - Smashed Burgers, Tacos, loaded Fries and Nachos! 


Book a Space at The Collab

The Collab in Walthamstow Central is showing every game live on their big screen - the perfect venue if you like a Burgers and Wings with your football and beer. Chef Paul Human’s famous lineup of burgers include The Chairman, Kate’s Fried Chicken and 4!!! Vegan and Veggie burgers. The Buffhello Wings cannot be missed and go great with their 16 taps of fresh Signature Brew beer.


Book a Space at Signature Brew Haggerston
Signature Brew Haggerston, the OG Signature venue, is showing every game live on their big screen. Famed for hosting some of London’s best grassroots live music and always packing a raucous atmosphere, Kane, Mbappe and Bale take over from guitars and drums for 1 month only. 12 taps of the freshest Signature Brew beer and pizza from Yard Sale!
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