Brewing With Music
Join us at The Old Brewery Greenwich on Saturday 18th November for an interactive evening of beer and music! We will be on hand to pass on our knowledge of beer and music and assist you in picking the best hops to go...
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Brook Green Market Tasting Session
Brook Green Market & Kitchen are hosting Craft Beer Month, four weekly tasting sessions with some of London's best breweries, as part of London Beer City.The school playground turned market space will play host to guided tastings every Saturday for 4 weeks, and...
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Strongroom Tap Take Over!

Signature Brew Tap Take Over Strongroom

Strongroom has been a venue very close to our hearts. Apart from enjoying many booze filled evenings at this joint, it was in fact here where our founders got together and decided to do something about the state of beer in music venues, thus Signature Brew was born! Strongroom actually placed the very first Signature Brew order back in 2011! And we've been on their taps ever since.

To celebrate the tap take over, the venue itself and our friendship with these awesome guys, we've decided to have a Meet The Brewer tasting session on the Thursday where you will be able to try a range of beers listed below:

Anticipation Japanese Rice Beer

Backstage IPA

Black Vinyl Stout

Nice Time Tropical Pale Ale

Roadie All-Night IPA.....

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Meet The Brewer at Beer + Burger
We will be hitting Beer + Burger in Willesden Green on Thursday 27th April for a tap take over and tutored tasting session!You can meet our brewers and try out our beers all whilst devouring Beer + Burgers' awesome chicken...
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