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Signature Brew & Troxy - Kong

Signature Brew Troxy UK's Largest Independent Venue Beer

The UK's biggest independent venue demands a mighty beer. Enter Kong, a chest-beating pale ale brewed with East London's Signature Brew and named after The Troxy's first ever screening.

On 11th September 1933, Troxy showed its first ever film, King Kong, to an excited East End crowd.  The audience was thrilled by the venue and the buzz it created across the streets of Stepney and beyond.  As local resident, Ms Danvers, recalled, “It seemed like Hollywood had come to Commercial Road in all its glory.” 

We honoured this historic event and the significance of Troxy's Kong showing by brewing a beer with the iconic venue.. 

Kong beer is a big and bold, dry-hopped pale ale served in 330ml cans emblazoned with Kong’s steely stare and the Troxy's art deco logo.  It's available now from every bars in the venue.

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